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The Company

Bradford Technical Services llc started in the year 2015, ever since we have been steadily growing and have built a strong relationship in the UAE market. The company believes in dedication and commitment resulting in ultimate customer satisfaction.

The Experience

Bradford Technical Services llc . started with a visionary of its owners who have a combined experience of over 25 years in labor management and technical services. This experience has enabled Bradford Technical Services llc to deliver the highest customer satisfaction requirements, enabling us to stand out from our competitors. BRADFORD TECHNICAL SERVICES LLC in Dubai MEP & CLEANING SERVICES in Dubai TECHNICAL SERVICES in Dubai.

Our Staff & Management

Bradford Technical Services llc has a well organized team of management and skilled and unskilled labor. Our labor force consists of 200+ and are trained in specialized fields.

Bradford Technical Services

Details of Our Services

Cleaning and house keeping Landscape Services Plumbing & Sewerage Electrical works A/C Maintenance Labor supply School Facility management

Our Relationship Deals

For long term contracts Bradford Technical Services llc c offers our clients interesting deals, to find out more call us or message us

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Is this a blog? No not at all but we would like all our clients to give us feedback on our services, good or bad we'll still showcase them here.

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Why Bradford

Bradford Technical Services llc guarantees professional outsource facility management staff services that focus on high-quality standards. We fully understand the critical importance of cleanliness and hygienic practices in the hospitality business, which is why we believe that partnering with a competent and reputable facility management outsoure services provider is the best solution to adequately satisfy your needs. Bradford Technical Services llc carefully examines the nature of business of each client to identify the corresponding facility management outsource solutions required. This enables us to seamlessly integrate the facility management services into the client’s property management plan and assure genuinely high-quality results. Moreover, Bradford Technical Services llc strongly believes in the value of long-term partnerships, knowing full well that a reliable, trustworthy and efficient facility management service provider is an invaluable asset to any company. Our priority is to maintain a safe, clean and well-organized workplace that will help motivate your staff to be more productive, while reinforcing the reputable image of your organization. Although outsourced facility management services are relatively new to many companies, we are witnessing an increasing change in attitude in light of the proven strategic advantages that facility management service providers offer to organizations. One of the big advantages of outsourcing facility management services is that, it allows business organizations to focus on growing their core business, while we take care of the entire facility management operation. Unsurprisingly, most, if not all, of our clients lack know-how and manpower to adequately address their own facility management needs. Moreover, establishing a competenttechnical management team would entail huge upfront costs to recruit and train additional manpower to perform non-core facility managment tasks. Bradford Technical Services llc therefore delivers both cost benefits and greater operational flexibility to our customers. In light of prevailing economic realities, it certainly makes good business sense to streamline operations and take advantage of an outsourced solution that is a more economical and practical alternative to maintaining an in-house Facility staff. In particular, our customers have been able to eliminate the following operating expenses by outsourcing their facility management tasks:

  • Recruitment
  • Medical, Visa & Residence
  • Training & Induction
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Health Insurance & Workmen Compensation Insurance
  • Occupational Health Card
  • Staff Accommodation
  • Staff Transportation
  • Uncertainty on Performance of Staff Recruited (Resignation or Termination)
  • Re-recruitment if the staff fails to achieve productivity standards or suddenly resigns
  • Turnaround period for recruitment on resignation or termination
  • Leave Settlements
  • Air Ticketing
  • Indemnity or Severance Settlements
  • Replacement staff for sick leaves or absenteeism
  • Overall Human Resource Office Management Expenses