Swimming Pool Cleaning

Residential and commercial spaces frequently feature swimming pools, and many educational institutions incorporate swimming as a sport in their curricula. Swimming pools need to be properly treated and maintained to keep them hygienically clean and visually clear.
There are many different kinds of pools, including portable (inflatable), jacuzzi, sauna, and indoor and outdoor pools. To keep the water clean and hygienic, they all need some sort of upkeep and treatment. The most prevalent issue of turbidity, green or milky water, algae development, microbiological contamination, etc. can be avoided by using an effective treatment program.

BradFord Technical Service L.L.C offers entire swimming pool renovations, retiling, waterproofing, installation of filtration and disinfection dosing systems, periodic maintenance, shock treatment one-time cleaning, regular cleaning, chemical treatment, water testing, and electrical and mechanical maintenance. Additionally, we offer training in pool management and maintenance as well as equipment selection consulting services.